Nutrition: Simple Steps for Summer Success


In the vast world of diet promises, you’ve likely encountered everything from “lightning-fast muscle gain” to magic weight loss drugs like Ozempic, all promising miraculous results. As enticing as these quick fixes can seem, especially with summer around the corner, it’s vital to refocus on practical, sustainable nutrition basics that align with your health goals.

Preventive Measures: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Think about some of the dietary choices you’ve been making that don’t align with your goals. For example, maybe you’ve been reaching for chips while working, despite aiming to lose 10 pounds before a special event. Here’s how to curb such habits effectively:

  1. Make it Invisible: If chips are your weakness, keep them out of sight. Storing tempting foods where you can easily see them only encourages spontaneous snacking. So, keep those chips away from your work area—out of sight, out of mind.
  2. Make it Unattractive: Avoid buying your favorite flavors. Opt for ones that are less appealing to decrease their temptation factor. While skipping chips altogether might be ideal, taking smaller steps towards changing your habits can be more sustainable.
  3. Make it Difficult: Increase the effort it takes to get to these snacks. Maybe stash them in a freezer downstairs, barricaded by boxes. The harder it is to access the chips, the less likely you’ll go through the effort unless you’re genuinely craving them.

Remember, the key is to make unhealthy choices invisible, unattractive, and difficult to access.

Instilling Beneficial Habits

Now, let’s flip the script. How do we make healthy choices obvious, attractive, and easy?

  1. Make it Obvious: Position fruits and vegetables prominently in your fridge or on your countertop. When healthy options are the first thing you see, they become the natural first choice.
  2. Make it Attractive: Choose fruits and vegetables you actually enjoy. There’s no point in forcing yourself to eat broccoli if you despise it. Love cucumbers? Fill your cart with them. Enjoyment is a crucial part of sustainable eating habits.
  3. Make it Easy: Pre-cut fruits and veggies so they’re ready to eat. Simplifying the process of making a healthy choice can be the difference between reaching for those strawberries instead of hunting down a bag of chips.
  4. Focus on Progress, Not Perfection: Embrace the 90/10 rule—90% of the time, you stick to your healthy habits, and 10% of the time, you allow room for indulgence. This approach acknowledges that slipping up is a part of the journey. Incorporate guilt-free specialties into your plan so you can enjoy them without remorse. If you zoom out and see the bigger picture, these minor deviations won’t derail your progress; they’ll make your path to health more enjoyable and sustainable.

The Secret Ingredient: Accountability

Adding accountability into the mix can turbocharge your progress. It’s one thing to plan to eat better; it’s another to have someone check in on your progress. A coach can be invaluable here, providing the necessary encouragement and keeping you on track.

At Shred 27, we don’t just lay out plans; we’re here to actively support you in turning those plans into actions. Whether it’s a gentle nudge to remind you about your veggie prep or a motivational call, we’re here to help you succeed.

Interested in taking your nutritional goals to the next level this summer? Click here to set up an appointment. Let’s make this summer not just fun, but healthy too!

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