How Can I Measure My Fitness Progress?


If you’re already working out or thinking about starting, you likely have some fitness goals in mind. But how do you measure your progress toward those goals? Here are four simple steps to help you track your journey.

Step 1: Set Specific Goals

To measure progress, you need a specific goal that matters to you. Avoid setting goals based on what others think you should achieve. Focus on what you genuinely want. Ask yourself:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Why is that important to me?
  • How will I feel when I achieve my goal?

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, reduce body fat, or improve strength or endurance, it’s crucial to be precise. Attach a realistic number and a timeframe to your goal. For example: “I want to lose 20 lbs by 2025,” “I want to do 10 push-ups without stopping in four months,” or “I want to work out three times a week for six months straight.” If you’re struggling to set a specific goal, a coach can help you define a reasonable, time-bound objective that keeps you motivated.

Step 2: Measure Your Starting Point

Before you embark on your fitness journey, it’s essential to know where you are starting from. This can be as simple as stepping on a scale or recording how many push-ups you can currently do. Document your starting point by writing it down. For instance, if your goal is to work out three times a week, note something like: “July 1: I have succeeded in working out once a week for a month.”

Step 3: Make a Plan

With your goal and starting point in place, you need a plan to get from Point A to Point B. This plan should include all the steps that will help you move forward. This part can be challenging. If you’re unsure how to lose 20 lbs or build up to 10 push-ups, don’t worry. Many people get stuck here because they don’t know what to do next. At Shred 27, we specialize in creating tailored fitness plans. We’ll guide you on how often to work out, what exercises to do, and how to make steady progress toward your goal.

Step 4: Track Progress and Adjust the Plan

Once you have a plan, track your workouts and check off your accomplishments. Use an app, spreadsheet, or notebook to record everything. This way, you can look back and see your progress, which can be very motivating. Every 90 days, review your progress and adjust your plan to keep moving forward. Many people make the mistake of sticking to the same plan even when it stops being effective or not knowing how to adjust it, leading them to give up. We can help you with this! At Shred 27, we meet with clients every 90 days to review their progress and tweak their plans, ensuring they’re always advancing. When they reach their goals, we celebrate and set new ones.

Need a Plan?

These four steps will help you measure your fitness progress. If you want a hassle-free approach, we offer free goal review sessions at Shred 27. Just meet with us and share your goals. We’ll create a personalized plan for you, answer any questions, and guide you on how to reach your goals efficiently.

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